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BITC CEO calls on farmers to utilise BITC services


The Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC) participated at the recent Farmers’ Conference on Agriculture and Food. BITC CEO Keletsositse Olebile has called on local farmers to utilise BITC services as they are not only meant for foreign investors.

Olebile further took the gathered delegates through a bouquet of BITC programmes and services they can benefit from, which include amongst others; domestic investment facilitation, research and market access services, export development and the Botswana One Stop Service Centre.

Additionally, he also enlightened the delegates on opportunities in the agriculture sector in Botswana, challenging them to explore and invest in the sector.

The Conference organiser Leutlwetse Tumelo said the event is motivated by the need to address challenges presented by food security. The one-day conference is held under the theme ‘Building a dynamic and resilient agriculture sector’.  He added that the conference presents a platform for strategic dialogue on how the country can respond to opportunities presented by issues of food security.

There were also presentations by different entities, amongst them the Botswana National Food Beef Production Union, Mosisedi Commercial Farmers Association and the Farmers Union. The conference, attended by different players within the agricultural sector, will cover key topics which include financial access, climate change and sustainability, adopting Agri-tech to improve productivity and evaluating export channels for the agriculture sector.