Home News Drone Tech Takes Flight: Young Entrepreneur Revolutionizes Botswana’s Farms

Drone Tech Takes Flight: Young Entrepreneur Revolutionizes Botswana’s Farms


Tumo Kgabeng, a 24-year-old with a vision as vast as the Botswana sky, is taking the country’s agricultural sector by storm. Co-founding Anton Tech, an AI research company, Kgabeng isn’t letting his age hold him back. He’s determined to transform the industry with tech solutions that are as innovative as they are effective.

“Many brilliant ideas never come to pass because someone was afraid to go out and offer their solution to the world,” says Kgabeng, his voice brimming with youthful enthusiasm. “I lost that fear.”

His fearlessness translates into a revolutionary agritech solution that utilizes drones – yes, the unmanned aerial vehicles buzzing the skies. These drones aren’t for leisure, but rather for precision agriculture. Equipped with advanced cameras, they soar over fields, capturing vital data that would leave a traditional farmer dizzy.

“The drones collect image data,” explains Kgabeng. “This data is then analyzed using deep learning algorithms. We can detect pests and diseases, predict soil organic carbon levels, and even recommend the most appropriate treatments.”

This shift from manual, paper-based methods to AI-powered insights is a game-changer. Traditionally, agronomists visit farms and record their findings on paper. This data, however, is siloed and unusable for broader analysis. Kgabeng’s brainchild, “Project Anton Tech”, bridges this gap.

“Our technology allows farmers to identify problems early and take targeted action,” says Kgabeng. “This translates into increased yields, improved productivity, and ultimately, better profits for our farmers.”

The impact expands beyond the farmyard. By improving agricultural efficiency, Anton Tech is contributing to Botswana’s food security. In a region where droughts and unpredictable weather patterns pose a constant threat, Kgabeng’s innovation has the potential to be a powerful weapon in the fight against hunger.

Kgabeng’s story is a beacon of hope, not just for Botswana’s agricultural sector, but for young entrepreneurs across Africa. It’s a testament to the power of fresh perspectives and a willingness to challenge the status quo. With a squadron of drones at his command and a mind teeming with ideas, Kgabeng is sure to take Botswana’s agricultural future to new heights.