Home News Kalahari Red Buck fetches R165 000 at the annual Trifecta Elite Sale

Kalahari Red Buck fetches R165 000 at the annual Trifecta Elite Sale


The Kalahari Red sire ‘Sta Soft’ (777-20-051), bred and sold by Bushra Stud in Botswana, recently fetched a record price of R165 000 (BWP120 000) at the annual Trifecta Elite Sale held at the National Agriculture Showground in Sebele.

The buck was bought by South African Kalahari Red stud breeder Rulé Ernst from the Bonisa Reds stud, near Wolmaransstad in North West.

The new record price for Botswana beats the previous record of R143 472 set in November 2021 for the buck ‘Homeboy’, which was also sold by Bushra Stud.

Ernst expressed her admiration for Sta Soft’s impressive, masculine head, capacity, exceptional length, and breeding values.

“This buck will add greatly to not only the genetic diversity of my flock but also to the national Kalahari Red genetics base. I have previously purchased a buck from the Bushra stud that has added significantly to the quality of the Bonisa stud.” She said

According to Faheem Kala, of Bushra Stud in Botswana, a Kalahari Red and Boer Goat Stud breeder, Sta Soft was born a twin and hails from a highly proven genetic line.

“His sire-side goes back to the famed ‘Patchy’ bloodline, which has been one of the most impactful breeding lines in the Kalahari Red industry, whereas his mother was a 2016 Serowe show champion here in Botswana.”

Discussing the buck’s traits, Kala says that Sta Soft is well-muscled and carries a lot of meat; his depth of body and strong top line are finished off by one of the most impressive heads in the goat industry.

Kala’s advice to farmers wanting to buy goats: “Farmers should always try to buy correct goats out of good and proven bloo